Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning Services with Hygiene Expertise

Maintaining clean food preparation and dining areas is essential for providing your patrons with a healthful environment, as well as meeting government regulations.

Restaurants face a myriad of threats on a daily basis, from bacteria to mould, germs, contaminated food prep surfaces, unsanitary build-up on kitchen and dining room floors and much more.

Cleanworks offers comprehensive, industry-leading specialist cleaning services for cafes, restaurants, cafeterias.

How We Can Help Your Restaurant

Cleanworks specialises in providing the high standards of cleaning necessary to meet Australia’s stringent requirements for food service establishments. We pride ourselves on offering the most in-depth restaurant cleaning services possible. Here are just a few areas where we can offer a superior service.

Safety – We take the safety of your staff, patrons and facility very seriously. We utilise specifically-designed chemicals and cleaning solutions in all restaurants to ensure food safety (these formulations are designed expressly for restaurants).

Kitchen Areas – Kitchen areas can suffer from grease build-up, bacteria, mould, foul odours, dirt from high foot traffic and much more. We can provide steam cleaning for hard surface floors, stainless steel cleaning for kitchen food prep and cooking areas and much more. Moreover, we provide all these services using food-safe cleansers, ensuring the utmost safety at all times, as well as meeting government regulations concerning the food service industry.

Dining and Common Areas – Cleanworks is proud to offer our clients restaurant cleaning services that include dining room and common area cleaning. These include carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, hardwood stripping and polishing and much more. From cobwebs to dusty light fixtures, we can take care of all of your needs and reduce your stress.

Car Park – Your car park makes a lasting impression on your diners. Our car park cleaning services ensure that yours is always properly maintained for a lasting, positive impression on your patrons.

Windows – Unsightly, dirty windows give your restaurant an air of neglect and can cause worry on the part of your diners. We provide restaurants cleaning services for any type of window, both inside and out.

Experience the Cleanworks Difference

Cleanworks is different from all other restaurant cleaning companies. For restaurants, cleaning must be done on a specific schedule. What’s more, your restaurant will not have the same requirements as another establishment, even if it’s of the same type. To meet this need, Cleanworks offers extensive customisation and flexibility in all areas.

We will create a custom-tailored menu of services designed to reflect your specific needs. This will be created after an interview with you to determine your needs and expectations, and a full inspection of your restaurant by our expert restaurant cleaning contractors. Cleanworks is also happy to provide our outstanding cleaning services on your schedule – even after hours, if need be.