Building Cleaning

Keep your tenants happy and extend the life of your assets

The best kind of Commercial Building Cleaning Service is one where all your goals are achieved for a cost less than you think you probably should be paying, and once the contract is signed it’s all “just taken care of”.

Ours cleaning service is one of those.

Relentless attention to detail is our hallmark

In a large commercial building, it’s easy to miss things. Maybe a window sill isn’t dusted, or a break room isn’t fully mopped one time. And once it’s been missed, and not picked-up by a building supervisor, chances are it will happen again, because it’s clearly not that important, right?

That’s how, bit-by-bit, cleaning standards fall on most commercial cleaning contracts and the great cleaner you signed with slowly turns into a relationship you want out of.

Not with us. You see, we employ staff whose job it is to come and audit the work of the cleaners on-site every month. It’s not your job to catch the issue; we employ someone to do it and if we ever find a miss, there’s a consequence.

So every month, our attention to detail sees your cleaning standards rise, not fall.

Our Services go above and beyond traditional cleaning

We don’t just vacuum, dust and mop. We can deliver all these services too:

Graffiti Removal: get rid of tags and other vandalism marks.
Carpet Steam Cleaning: refresh, brighten and extend the life of your floor.
Window Cleaning: for all types of windows, short and tall, inside and out.
Pressure Cleaning: shift building stains and brighten your business’ appearance.
Hardwood Floor Stripping: hardwood can be beautiful, but it must be stripped and refinished to maintain that beauty.
Car Park Cleaning: give your visitors a great first impression.
Steam Pressure Cleaning: for kitchens, break rooms, showers and toilets.

Our staff are all fully trained and licensed. Although we are only into our second decade of operations, we have become an employer of choice for our staff which means we boast one of the most experienced teams in South East Queensland.

We’re also flexible in our hours of operation. We will deliver you a tailored plan that sees a customised mix of cleaning to suit you and your tenants in the hours that suit you.