Childcare Cleaning

Childcare Cleaning

Even the most angelic of children house the dormant destructive capacity of a tiny indoor hurricane. That’s why keeping Early Childhood environments, not just tidy, but hygienically clean, is such a mammoth challenge for the hardworking educators of long day care and outside school hours care centres.

The developing immune systems of your centre’s short-statured inhabitants coupled with the nexus-like role your workplace plays within the community, are the perfect storm for the rapid spread of illness. For this reason, and many others relating to the wellbeing your staff and littlies, there is no room to compromise when it comes to the cleaning standards and hygiene practices of your centre.

Cleanworks can support your centre with a comprehensive range of services including

  • Regular, everyday cleaning: We can clean your facility from top-to-bottom as regularly as you need it. Carpets, desks, benches, playrooms, toy boxes, play equipment, kitchens and toileting areas are all able to be cleaned quickly and professionally.
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning: Prolong carpet life and keep your kids safe from bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Vinyl Floor Resurfacing: Once a vinyl floor’s surface has been compromised through acute damage or prolonged wear and tear it becomes a bacteria trap. We can resolve this simply by stripping the existing seal before resealing it just like new.
  • Floor, Kitchen and Toilet Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning removes hard grime and dirt from your floors and kills germs and bacteria in hard to reach places.
  • Window Cleaning: Indoor glass is typically cleaned regularly, but outdoor glass doesn’t get as much attention. We ensure it sparkles.
  • Car Park: Our childcare centre cleaning services include car park maintenance and scrubbing to ensure you make the right impression every time.
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning: Our childcare cleaning contractors provide wheelie bin cleaning services to remove bacteria, mould and lingering odours.

Why your centre needs Cleanworks

1. We’re control freaks: The ongoing cleaning of our clients’ facilities is always conducted by a direct Cleanworks employee or one of our franchise owner/operators; either way your cleaner has been through extensive employment and police history checks, and is directly trained, supervised and performance managed by Cleanworks.

2. We’re good listeners: We understand that communication is the key to any successful relationship, which is why in addition to regular phone check-ins and communication diaries, we can also tailor our reporting to incorporate whatever you needs including evidence-based documentation such as attendance data and sign-off checklists.

3. We’re prepared for pretty much anything: because Cleanworks engages over 200 cleaners we have the capacity to shuffle our staff around if your regular cleaner becomes unexpectedly unavailable, thus ensuring your cleaning happens no matter what. We also have an extensive range of specialty cleaning services which you can tap into should you need a bit of extra work done, and can even assist you by developing a preventative maintenance schedule to help you maintain and extend the lifespan of your facility.

4. We’ve had a lot of practice: Cleanworks has operating for more than 17 years, currently services around 300 regular clients extensive experience partnering with the Early Childhood industry to meet their cleaning needs and has recently worked with various C&K Centres, Jacaranda Early Learning, Little Genesis ELC, St Paul’s Lutheran Childcare Centre to name a few.

Thorough yet frugal

The difference between good cleaning and a good cleaning service, is the ability to effectively balance the need for thorough and consistent results against the demand for efficiencies and low cost. It is a delicate challenge which requires strategic planning and management, and it is one which Cleanworks is only able to meet on thanks to many years' servicing hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Make a positive change

Make a positive change

Whether you are outsourcing your workplace's cleaning for the first time, searching for a more reliable alternative to your current cleaning provider or shopping around to make sure you are getting value for money, you should speak with Cleanworks. Cleanworks offers commercial cleaning services across Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.
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