Choosing the Best Sweeper for Warehouse Cleaning

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Choosing the Best Sweeper for Warehouse Cleaning

Ride-on warehouse sweeper

When it comes to cleaning floors, the most versatile and cheapest tool is the broom. As early as the 1800s, brooms were mass produced in various factories. Throughout centuries, brooms have evolved into different shapes and sizes to improve its sweeping quality. Today, brooms are still popular among households and small establishments. Traditional brooms, however, are not effective in warehouse cleaning activities. Large buildings like storage facilities or warehouses rely on sophisticated machines to efficiently clean floors.

Several companies that offer various industrial cleaning services have examined the pros and cons on different floor sweeping tools. Broom sweeping and machine sweeping are common methods to clean floors of factories and warehouses. Sweeping a spacious warehouse with a traditional broom is very time consuming and labour intensive. Although brooms have low maintenance cost, it is still incapable of picking fine dirt and dust.

Technology gave birth to machine sweepers to cut labour costs and increase productivity. Two types of machine sweepers are walk behinds and riders. The cleaning staff pushes this equipment from behind, similar to pushing a grocery cart. Walk behinds are battery operated and have low maintenance cost. This compact machine sweeps floors faster, and dirts are easier to dispose. Walk behinds are still not effective in removing fine dust, and the scope of its cleaning path is still lacking for warehouse cleaning tasks.

Riding sweepers are recommended in most industrial cleaning jobs. The cleaning staff rides on the machine and drives around the warehouse. Its sweeping path is wider than the walk behinds. Riders have powerful bristles which are great in cleaning debris and fine dust. The machine uses water dust and air dust suppression technologies. Air dust suppression works like a vacuum cleaner. Riders are noisy machines, but unlike offices, typical warehouses do not have a quiet environment.

Among the three sweeping equipment, the rider is the best option for most companies that provide large-scale industrial cleaning services. Although expensive, riders are good investments for a quality sweeping job.

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