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Cleanworks is proud to announce, that as part of our ongoing efforts to recognise and reward our people, we have named Julie Kendall (pictured above with Cleanworks CEO Kelly Broderick) as our first ever Cleaner of the Year!

What is ‘Cleaner of the Year’?

Cleaner of the Year is the apex prize within Cleanworks’ reward system which is designed to incentivise and recognise consistently high-standards of cleaning, outstanding procedural and reporting compliance, and an attitude characterised by teamwork, problem-solving and positivity. The innaugural Cleaner of the Year award was presented at an intimate lunch attended by some 50 Cleanworks staff to commemorate International Cleaners Day on June 15.

In addition to the Cleaner of the Year trophy (pictured above), Julie also receives a 7-night vacation for four at Couran Cove Island Resort on the Gold Coast in recognition of her hard work and the stellar example she sets for others.

Who is Julie Kendall?

Julie is a wonderful, diligent, hardworking cleaner who has been with Cleanworks since 2014 and is an integral part of the team which services Genesis Christian College in the North Brisbane suburb of Bray Park.

Julie has a fantastic attitude, consistently produces great results – despite taking care of some of the most difficult areas including the Prep Class disaster zones. Not only this, but she is always looking for ways to do her work better or faster, and is a genuine team player.

Why did we choose Julie?

With over 200 cleaners, selecting a single winner to hail as the first Cleaner of the Year was a daunting prospect – not least, because we are privileged to have an exceptionally strong pool of extremely reliable, hardworking people working for Cleanworks . However, as our Operations and Management teams discussed the leading candidates based on their stand-out experiences, Julie’s name kept coming up. As we delved into the reasons for this, it became relatively easy for the group to reach a consensus.

She takes pride in looking after her classrooms.

Dealing with cleaning up after children is different from cleaning offices, it takes care and patience cleaning up after hundreds of children every day. Julie is meticulous and she takes great care of every classroom in her area.

She’s part of the school’s community.

Cleaning a school is being part of a community, many of our cleaners bump into children, parents, teachers and principal, we become part of the bigger team. We know how important it is that our cleaners fit into the environment they work. Everyone knows Julie and if they ask for something she goes above and beyond to help.

She always lends a helping hand.

Cleaning in a school usually means there are a team of cleaners. They all need to work well together. This is especially important when there are team members who have sick days and holidays. Despite having a family Julie is always willing to do the extra hours to help.

Does Cleanworks present any other awards?

We absolutely do. In addition to our big Cleaner of the Year award which comes with a trophy and holiday, using similar criteria we also recognise a Cleanworks Champion each quarter with a $250 voucher and the honour of brandishing the coveted championship belt, AND we also recognise 4 Winners each month who receive a $50 voucher and props in on our social media and internal newsletter.


Are all of those awards really necessary?

We guess it depends upon how you define ‘necessary’. We could certainly run a cleaning business without any formal recognition or reward system for our cleaners (as is the case with most if, not almost all, other cleaning companies), however that’s just not who we are. We see people doing difficult, laborious work, working unusual hours, and getting very little credit for their efforts because of the unseen nature of their work.

We want our people to know that their efforts are noticed, that they are worthwhile and that there is a good reason for them to strive to be better, more effective & happier in what they do. #welovecleaners

Looking for a cleaning company that treats its cleaners like people?

We pride ourselves on delivering thorough, reliable and cost-effective cleaning services while also showing our people the love and respect they deserve. If you’d like to find out how happy, incentivised cleaners can help make a difference to your business talk to us on Ph: 1300 609 419

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