Expert Tips on What to Look For in Your Commercial Cleaning Company

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Expert Tips on What to Look For in Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Quick Tips

shutterstock_81031225No matter what type of cleaning you need performed at your office or workplace, there is guaranteed to be a commercial cleaning company willing to perform the task. But when it comes to some commercial cleaners, there can be vast differences with the quality of work performed and the level of professionalism.

As with everything in life, sometimes cleaning companies don’t deliver the level of service they’ve promised or the quality of cleaning that was advertised. Because different companies offer different cleaning services, finding the right cleaner for your business depends on what type of cleaning you need done. But how do you find a reliable company that delivers the standards they promise?

With this simple guide, finding the perfect commercial cleaners for your company is easy.

  • Always make sure the company is a registered and legitimate business. New commercial cleaning companies are created every day, so it’s easy to fall for a fraud company. Ideally your chosen company will have references, or they will have been recommended by a family member or a friend.
  • Look for established companies. If a cleaning service has been around for quite a few years, that generally means they have happy customers. You can usually find this out by checking their ‘About Us’ page on their website. If they don’t mention when they started trading, it might be time to look at other options.
  • Ask around for recommendations. Talk to other business owners, family, and friends about whether they know of any reliable and trustworthy commercial cleaners. After all, most cleaning services operate after your business hours, so you have to know that your business is in safe hands.
  • Never contract the first company you call – always get quotes from multiple companies, making sure that you are getting quoted for the same type of service. This way you will get an understanding of how much various companies are charging, and if there are any that are extremely lower than the others it might be a warning sign to check them out a little more closely.
  • Always check as to whether the quotes include GST, as this can amount to a fairly large sum over the period you outsource your cleaning.
  • Use the Internet to check their website. Often there will be photographs or recommendations from satisfied customers. It is also worth checking social media sites, as a large majority of businesses now have their own page.
  • shutterstock_81699364Make sure that cleaning employees have current police checks.
  • Before you sign any paperwork, ask to see valid insurance papers. Cleaners need to be covered in case an accident occurs while cleaning your business premises, so a cleaning company with their own insurance policy is a huge must.
  • Ask the commercial cleaners for references. If the company has regular and loyal customers, they are the best people to ask for recommendations.
  • Try to find a company that uses biodegradable cleaning products or natural methods (such as steam). Products without toxic fumes are better for health reasons as they reduce the chance of asthma attacks and allergic reactions in staff and customers, and they also ensure a better working environment for everyone.
  • Find out how flexible the company is before entering into any agreements. Discuss how they handle unexpected or emergency cleaning situations – and be sure to get a quote for such services written into the contract where possible. You should always make sure there are no other hidden fees associated with this service.

Always carefully read through the fine print of the contract before signing anything. This is the time when specific details are finalised, so it’s best to make sure everything is spot on to save costly additional fees in the future. If you aren’t sure what you are reading, seek professional advice.

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