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June 13, 2013
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Green Cleaning

What is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning Solutions To Keep The Environment Safe

“Green” has become a tremendously essential principle in recent years. Why go green? As the influence of human activities on the environment grows clearer and clearer, the risk to the environment and human life grows from pollution and exposure to poisonous chemicals and global warming becomes more serious, environmental-friendly activities are essential. Environmentally friendly activities and remedies help stay clear of additional air pollution and ambient degradation, yet can additionally offset sickness triggered previously. Cleanworks not only understands the requirement for green cleaners and hygiene cleaning, however we definitely develop newer and better means of giving those remedies to our clients.

Our Environmentally-Friendly Difference

As the leading hygiene cleaning and commercial cleaning company in Brisbane, it is our duty to lead the way. We take significant satisfaction in our eco-friendly cleaning company. Every service we provide guarantees security not only for our clients and their facilities, but for Brisbane and the atmosphere, including:

  • Hygiene Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Retirement Village Cleaning
  • University Cleaning
  • Institution Cleaning
  • Childcare Cleaning
  • Medical Centre Cleaning
  • Health club Cleaning.
  • Dining establishment Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Corporate Cleaning

Our Dedication

What is green cleaning? At Cleanworks, we are dedicated to shielding the atmosphere via hygiene cleaning and other safe cleaning approaches. These consist of:

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning – Our cleaners are specially formulated to relieve the influence on the environment. They are non-toxic and safe for both people and the setting, while still sustaining the capability to destroy damaging, disease-carrying micro-organisms and other microbes. Every one of our Smart Eco-friendly Chemicals are accredited by Excellent Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), and we only use Smart Green Chemicals on our job sites.

Green Cleaning Products – Cleanworks knows that protecting the setting needs more than simply utilizing non-toxic facial cleaners. Our cleaning products are additionally eco-friendly, featuring recycled products and those produced in environmentally-friendly ways.

Chemical Usage Decrease – To help ensure that we do not hurt the setting, we’re dedicated to decreasing your use of harsh chemicals in times without jeopardizing our hygiene cleaning capacities.

Cleaning Solutions – Unlike other cleaning firms in Brisbane, our health cleaning services use specific cleaning approaches suitable for reducing our influence on the atmosphere. We stratically plan how we will clean each site prior to starting, and ensure that all needs from the client and authorities are satisfied. Every task and solution we supply follow regional and national rules.

Our Commitment to Taking care of Waste

Waste management is a fundamental part of hygiene cleaning and securing the environment at all sites. In addition, these actions additionally make price efficiency and we are able to pass those savings along to our clients. We utilize particular techniques to lower waste incorporated entirely with customers business. We additionally provide standalone waste administration solutions for customers that intend to do their very own component for the atmosphere. These include gathering and reusing toner and print cartridges, recycling paper and motivating our clients to purchase recycled paper towels and toilet paper.

Our Difference, Your Gain

We’re dedicated to supplying our clients with the utmost in hygiene cleaning services and also protecting the environment. Contact Cleanworks today for more information regarding how we can help you Ph: 1300 306 889.

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