Hospital Cleaning

Looking For Hospital Cleaning Services with Hygiene as a Priority?

Your hospital must be kept to stringent health and maintenance standards. While your facilities provide essential care for sick and injured patients, they can become breeding grounds for disease-carrying bacteria and other health threats.

If you do not have the proper cleaner, your hospital might be causing further harm to your patients without your knowledge.

Our experienced, licensed hospital cleaners can provide you with all the vital services required to ensure hygienic, sterile conditions for patients, staff and visitors.

The Unique Requirements of Hospitals

Because of the unique challenges and requirements faced by hospitals, only an experienced, licensed hospital cleaning contractor should be hired to provide service. Cleanworks ensures that all of our contractors are licensed and within regulations, and we also ensure that they are knowledgeable on healthcare laws and regulations. We’re proud of our ability to not only meet, but exceed governmental and industry standards.

More Than a Hospital Cleaning Company

In addition to our industry-leading cleaning services, we also provide our clients with resupply capabilities. This is an ideal situation for hospitals with their own cleaning and maintenance staff for regular cleaning and sanitation needs. Cleanworks can resupply your hospital with a variety of necessary supplies and products, including:
  • Toilet paper and hand towels
  • Paper and soap dispensers
  • Air freshener
  • Cleaners and cleanser dispensers
We can also offer guidance on choosing the right supplies and dispensers for your hospital. Our selection includes anti-vandalism dispensers, as well as numerous other options, and our expert staff will guide you to the right choice for your situation.