How Organic Products Benefit a Commercial Cleaning Company

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How Organic Products Benefit a Commercial Cleaning Company

Environmentally-friendly cleaning

A tough cleaning job is a piece of cake for a cleaning expert. A typical commercial cleaning company chooses the finest brand of cleaning supplies and equipment. However, not all products are safe for the environment and for the worker’s health. Many companies have switched from chemical-based products to organic cleaning products. The use of organic cleaning products is not limited only to households just because most are found at home. Several have proved effective in cleaning larger establishments such as commercial offices.

A popular ingredient in most organic cleaning product is baking soda. This product can be used in various office cleaning services such as carpet vacuuming, window cleaning, restroom deodorizing, and kitchen cleaning. Baking soda is used as a toilet bowl and drainage cleaner. It can be mixed with vinegar to scrub restroom bowls, sink, and tiles. If the sink drains water slowly, office cleaners can add hot water on the mixture and pour it on the drainage. Baking soda is an excellent deodorizer. It can be placed on the toilet bowl, inside a refrigerator, or sprinkled on a carpet before vacuuming.

A simple and small office looks elegant if the windows and floors are sparkling clean. Daily office cleaning service involves these areas. Vinegar mixed with salt can be used to clean greasy wood surfaces. It can also be mixed with water to mop wooden floors and can be sprayed on glass windows.   Aside from baking soda, lemons help remove odors. Lemon juice can be added in organic cleaning solutions for a refreshing smell. The juice can be mixed with olive oil to serve as furniture polish. Boiled water with lemon rinds are great room fresheners.

Since these organic products are food ingredients, it definitely shows how safe they are. Harmless cleaning supplies assure a commercial cleaning company that their cleaners are far from health hazards while performing different office cleaning services. Not only do they promote eco-friendly products, but organic cleaning products are cost-saving.

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