High Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning, scrubbing and sweeping

Whether it’s concrete, tiles or pavers, polished or raw, Cleanworks will show your floors who’s boss. We can help restore the appearance of carparks, resurrect dirty pathways, wash and renew building exteriors, flush out warehouse interiors, make reception areas pop, and bring dignity back to sullied common areas or any other space regardless of its size, height or access restrictions.

The right tools for the job

Cleanworks prides itself on selecting the most optimally-suited equipment for each job, so that we’re able to deliver the best possible result with costing our clients any more than is absolutely necessary. Depending on your needs we can use handheld equipment, walk-behind or ride-on pressure cleaners or scrubbers, or even truck-mounted pressure cleaners which we use in combination with heavy duty degreaser to treat oil marks and other heavy carpark stains.

Guaranteed results

When you engage Cleanworks you can count on the outcome you expected. We never promise more than we can deliver and guarantee every cleaning job we perform – if you aren’t satisfied, then we aren’t finished.

Get it done right

Get a quick pressure cleaning quote using the box on the right or call Cleanworks on Ph: 1300 609 419 to discuss how we can help.