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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Deep clean carpet and upholstery cleaning at the right price

Cleanworks offers fast, efficient carpet and fabric cleaning for businesses and other large organizations.

Our experienced professionals use a gold standard hot water extraction method combined with an emulsifying agent to ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned all the way down to the underlay, irrespective of their fiber type or thickness.
We use experienced operators and the latest equipment to ensure that our work is always executed to the highest standard possible – which is why we offer a quality guarantee on every carpet clean.

If need be, Cleanworks can coordinate our services outside of your business hours and use industrial drying equipment to make sure that your workers aren’t interrupted by our cleaning or damp floors. When you engage Cleanworks, you can have confidence that your job will be performed on time, as described and without issue, so that your business is able to continue operating as planned.

Cleanworks cleaning advantage

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Cleans and dries faster

Here at Cleanworks, we use special cleaning agents and tools to clean carpets, upholstery, rugs, and various fabric surfaces thoroughly and quickly.

Depending on the fabric, we use carbonation to release dirt, grime, and various particles off of the carpet fibers, raising them to the surface where they can be easily extracted and swept. Carpets cleaned by Cleanworks will take as fast as an hour or two to dry (rather than a day or two as with most carpet cleaners).

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Healthier and safer

The ingredients for the cleaning agents we use in our carpet and upholstery cleaning services are derived from Mother Nature herself. We don’t use harsh chemicals that may damage or cause health risks to both our cleaner and the people using the carpets and upholstery.

All of our cleaning agents are 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

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Carpet dry cleaning

Cleanworks dry cleaning uses 80% less water than typical carpet cleaning that takes hours, if not days to fully dry and finish. This means we can clean your carpets and make them look brand new without interfering with your business activities.

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Rug cleaning

We can clean all shapes, sizes, and types of rugs, from Persian to Oriental. We have all the tools needed to make your rugs look and feel brand new without damaging them in the process.

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Upholstery cleaning

We have no problem removing the deepest stains in any type, shape, and size of upholsteries. Our cleaning method is strong enough to remove all types of stains, but gentle enough to avoid damage and keep everyone in your workspace safe.

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Leather furniture cleaning

We use special cleaning agents, tools, and methods to effectively clean all types of leather furniture and restore its natural vibrancy. This is the cheapest way to add years of life to your beloved (and often expensive) leather furniture.

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Pet urine odor removal

More and more businesses, commercial workspaces, and retail stores are opening their doors to our furry friends. If your workspace is one of them, then you may need pet urine odor removal from time to time. Our expert cleaners can easily eliminate pet urine odor from carpets, rugs, furniture, etc., through our special pet urine removal treatment service.

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Specialty stain removal

We know not all stains are equal. Some stains are extremely stubborn to remove, making your once gorgeous carpet or upholstered furniture look dingy. Cleanworks have all the solutions for all types of stains and make your carpet and upholstered furniture look brand new.

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You tell us when, we’ll make it happen

Whether it’s a small office, conference venue or an entire high-rise building, Cleanworks can take care of any carpet or steam cleaning needs. To find out more about how we can help, using the box on the right to get a quick carpet cleaning quote or call Cleanworks to discuss how we can help. 

Cleanworks offers commercial cleaning services across BrisbaneGold CoastToowoombaSydney & Melbourne.


Carpets are allergen, dander, dirt, dust, grime, pet hair, and stain magnets. Getting them professionally cleaned regularly will not only remove these harmful particles and disease-causing germs, it can also help prolong the life and integrity of your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning services include the removal of debris, allergens, dirt, and even stubborn stains on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners use special kinds of cleaning solutions and tools, various commercial-grade cleaning products, and even methods and techniques to clean carpets safely and efficiently, without damaging them.

This depends on a lot of factors, such as the size of the area where the carpet is installed, the type and condition of the carpet, and the specific methods used by your chosen carpet cleaner. A regular 12×12 feet room may require 20 minutes to 30 minutes to thoroughly clean.

Yes. Suction is usually the final part of carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners use special and powerful vacuum suctions to remove dirt particles and substances from the carpet.

For the most part, professional commercial carpet cleaning can take a couple of hours to finish, or even more if you include the drying. Cleanworks however, use special tools to speed up the drying process. We use dehumidifiers to even speed up the process.
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