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Commercial Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl Floors Stripped, Re-sealed And Ready For Another Round

Vinyl is an extremely popular choice of flooring for high-traffic environments, particular those with an increased risk of liquid spills. With a little TLC they can endure a lot of punishment and retain their looks for many years – the secret is to periodically replace the hard layer of polish which protects the relatively soft vinyl beneath.

With time this top coat absorbs all of the scuffs and scratches while also gradually wearing thin. The good news is that a well-executed vinyl strip and seal will leave most floors looking like new.

What does it involve?

As the name suggests, the process starts by removing the layer of hardened sealer through a combination of scrubbing to eliminate impurities, followed by chemical solvent which completely erodes the old surface. Next, a machine scrubber is used to ensure the vinyl underneath is clean before several layers of sealer are then carefully applied and then buffed so that your floors are not only well-protected by looking its best!

Get the job done right

Stripping and resealing a floor may not be open heart surgery, however there are all manner of problems which can arise if it is performed by an inexperienced or impatient technician. Rushed or careless application can result in an uneven surface or hardened sealer splashed up the side of walls; too little sealant can result in a weak protective layer that exposes your underlying vinyl to permanent damage; and poorly managed solvents can easily damage surrounding carpets and create health hazards.

A guaranteed result

Cleanworks has performed thousands of vinyl floor strip and seals for all manner of businesses, ranging from schools and childcare centres through to doctor’s offices and supermarkets. We guarantee every vinyl floor strip and seal we perform and will repeat the job if you are at all unsatisfied. Our seasoned professionals are adept at applying strip and seals with care and precision, which enables us to not only promise fantastic results but also makes us capable of doing so at extremely competitive prices.

Let’s talk flooring

Get a quick vinyl floor cleaning quote using the box on the right or call Cleanworks to discuss how we can help. Cleanworks offers commercial cleaning services across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney & Melbourne.

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