Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is the Safe and Fresh Alternative for Your Business

Steam cleaning is effective at cleaning and sanitising. The heat of steam kills bacteria, mold and dust mites. We have several different kinds of steam cleaning equipment, designed to clean different parts of your premises. Cleanworks’ team has undertaken specialist steam cleaning training to ensure we can deliver the best steam clean in Australia. Let’s look at where steam can be applied in your business…

We can Clean practically any Surface with Steam

One of the greatest benefits of cleaning with steam is versatility. From blasting away engine grime to putting a high shine on metal fixtures, steam is a powerful way to keep your business looking great for your clients and healthy for your employees. It means that the use of chemicals can be restricted.

Steam is one of the safest ways to clean and sanitise areas like:
  • Carpet and upholstery
  • Food preparation surfaces in kitchens
  • Play areas in child care facilities
  • Kindergarten classrooms
  • Public and private bathrooms
  • Grout
  • Refrigerant coils
  • Tile and other surfaces in medical facilities
  • Locker and shower areas in gyms
  • Stainless steel balustrades and bathroom fixtures