hygiene cleaning

August 30, 2017
Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom Etiquette: your arguments settled

We’ve all been there. Your having a nice dinner with friends or a few after work drinks, when someone accidentally triggers an impassioned debate around some […]
June 11, 2013
Get the best from your cleaners

How to Get the Best from Your Office Cleaning Service

A well cleaned, sanitized, and very tidy business office will not be one that will just project a good business image but also be conducive to a very productive working atmosphere. This is true and one that can inspire employees and also capable of bringing in more business. Thus, the importance of getting the best office cleaning service, and this can be a priority objective that the company should have. To get the best from your cleaners you should lay down an objective with them. The importance of sitting down with their management laying down what terms you like, the [...]
October 22, 2012
Hygienic hand washing

Washing your hands: are you doing right?

Its common knowledge that we are not washing our hands as well as we should. What you might not know is that we are not washing our hands at the right time either! When should we be washing our hands? -When hands are visibly dirty -Before eating or touching food -After eating or touching food -After using the bathroom -After nose blowing and coughing -After touching animals -Before and after visiting someone who is sick And what about hand sanitizer? Research has proven that hand sanitizer and adequate hand washing provide about the same level of protection. Ideally both would be readily available in the workplace and the classroom. Ever wondered how the [...]
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