University Cleaning

Is Your University Cleaning Service Making the Grade?

Your university campus is a place of higher learning, where students come to gain the education and skills necessary to advance in life. However, universities must also be clean and maintained to the highest possible standards in order to ensure that they provide a healthy environment for students, faculty and other staff members.

The scale of cleaning that is required can be an immense burden – Cleanworks can alleviate that burden by providing industry-leading university cleaning services.

Our Expertise Benefits You

Cleanworks is the leading university cleaning company in South East Queensland, and we’ve achieved that honour by having the highest degree of expertise in our field.

We understand that universities and other education centres have a much wider range of cleaning and sanitisation needs than do other facilities, and we are proud to offer every service necessary to ensure your campus, classrooms, students and staff are protected at all times.

Anti-Microbial Cleaning – One of the ways our university cleaning services can benefit you is by ensuring that bacteria build-up and germs do not pose health threats. Bacteria can carry deadly diseases, and it can spread very quickly through an entire campus. Our university cleaning contractors use specifically formulated, non-toxic anti-microbial cleansers to ensure that this does not happen at your university. From hallways to classrooms, auditoriums, kitchen areas/cafeterias and more, we safeguard your facilities.

Windows – Your university’s windows are important features. They allow light in, can open to bring in fresh air, and also make a huge impression on students, staff and visitors. Our university cleaning company can provide full window cleaning services, inside and out. No matter what type of windows you have, how large, small or inaccessible, we can ensure they are pristine.

Hallways and Public Areas – Universities have an immense number of public areas, not including classrooms. We can ensure that every area of your university is professionally clean and sanitary.

Car Park – University car parks are very difficult to maintain given their size and number. Maintaining them can be a massive undertaking for any administrator, but our expert university cleaning contractors can ensure that all of your car parks are clean, and maintained to the highest standards.

Our Contractors Make the Difference

At Cleanworks, we understand the importance of ensuring that your students are safe at all times. To that end, we ensure that every contractor we hire is fully trained in Occupational Health and Safety Policies.

Not only do our university cleaning contractors meet these regulations, but they exceed them – it’s part of what makes us different from other university cleaning companies. Our contractors also hold children’s blue cards, and are fully trained on safety and security issues.