Why Should Your Office Use Green Cleaners?

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August 7, 2014
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November 13, 2014

Why Should Your Office Use Green Cleaners?

Cleanworks image 1In recent times, the importance of minimising our carbon footprint on the environment and healthier living has become the focus for many people worldwide. For most, this focus has extended from green living in the home to include all facets of life. This includes the workplace, office, or other place of employment.

When you stop and think about how much time you spend at work, it makes sense to use environmentally-friendly cleaning practices. Apart from reducing the impact of a workplace’s carbon footprint, green cleaning can also help to improve the overall health of everyone in the office – including the person who actually does the cleaning.

Green cleaners are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, and are generally around the same price as chemical cleaners. And they will not burn the eyes or damage the skin, as they are a more gentle option than some of the more heavy duty cleansers.

Although many cleaning products come with the promise of a quick and easy cleaning solution, they are often full of toxic chemicals that the average person is unaware of. Toxic chemicals can have a negative effect in many ways, including an increase in asthma related issues and health problems, while the repetitive use of aerosol sprays are known to affect internal organs such as the kidneys and liver.

Cleanworks image 2-page-001 2What we wash dishes in or material items (like tea towels) with is also important, as many cleaners contain ammonia, petroleum, ethoxylates, phosphorus and alkyphenol – all of which are washed back to the ocean in the cleaning process. These cleaners are contributing greatly to poisoning our waterways, while using them in office bathrooms allows the chemicals to linger in the office.

Antibacterial cleaners are also best avoided. Although they can be great for reducing the spread of germs and common illnesses, experts now agree that the repetitious use of antibacterial cleansers can also contribute to lowering the immune system. Instead, use some standard soap and simply wash your hands properly.

Here are a few tips on how to create a green working environment:

  • Use only environmentally friendly cleaners. Always look on the product to see if it has been approved by the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) association, to ensure you are purchasing a genuine green cleaner.
  • Aim to use as many biodegradable cleaners as possible, as these are non-toxic and will help to reduce the impact on employee health.
  • Avoid the use of aerosol sprays and cleaning products to improve the air quality of the work environment. If you are looking to make the office smell nice, invest in a natural-based pump spray instead.
  • Germs love to travel, especially in confined spaces or areas that see a high amount of traffic such as bathroom door handles. Try to use a water-based steam cleaning wherever possible, as nothing eradicates germs like the power of heat.

CleanWorks201By reducing or minimising the use of harsh chemical-based products in the workplace, everyone wins. The general health of employees will improve, employers will have a more productive workplace thanks to less fewer absences, and less harmful chemicals will make their way into the environment.

At Cleanworks Australia we provide a completely environmentally friendly service for all clients. The Cleanworks difference is that all our cleaners and cleaning methods are specially formulated to mitigate the impact on the environment and only green products with reduced chemicals are used. For more information on how Cleanworks Australia can help, contact us today!

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