Why Your Office Needs a Customised Commercial Cleaning Service

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July 7, 2014
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August 7, 2014

Why Your Office Needs a Customised Commercial Cleaning Service

shutterstock_159889187Have you ever stopped to consider how clean your work place really is?

No matter what industry you are involved in – hospitality, retail, education, excavation or any other industry – hundreds of different contaminants per day can easily filter through the workplace and put your workers at a risk of getting sick. Think of the amount of traffic (people as well as vehicles), deliveries, packages and visitors that regularly travel through your office and you will have some idea of how easily proper hygiene can be compromised.

Although most offices and workplaces have their own basic cleaning duties for all staff members, it is quite often the case that many major areas can be easily overlooked – usually due to lack of time or employee motivation – and become the source of disease-bearing germs. Staff car parks, carpets and concrete areas, windows and fly screens, blinds and curtains, awnings, interior and exterior stairwells, even storage sheds are common areas to be overlooked, but are just as important to clean as the staff toilets or kitchen.

All businesses should consider hiring a commercial cleaning service at least once every 3 months to reduce the spread of common germs. In the past, many professional cleaning companies would dictate what they would and would not clean and leave the client with little say. But times have changed – now a professional cleaning service will work with the client to determine exactly what needs to be done and how regularly the cleaning is undertaken.

Most professional cleaning services specialise in sanitising and cleansing even the filthiest of spaces. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor area, only a professional will know the tricks, tips and equipment of the trade to ensure your workers stay healthy.

It is always a good idea to verify that your cleaning service has the appropriate certification with Australian standards before contracting out any work, as if someone doesn’t know what they are doing, disease and illness can easily be spread.

Commercial cleaning services can take the hard work out of office hygiene and ensure that basic cleanliness standards are met. Not only will they save you a heap of hard work, but they can also contribute to keeping your staff healthy. After all, a healthy happy work place is a productive place to be.

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