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Cleanworks has been proudly cleaning commercial businesses all over Sydney and nearby areas since 2002, providing comprehensive, customisable, and specialty professional cleaning solutions across a wide range of businesses.

Who are we?

We are a 100% Australian-owned commercial cleaning company that offers comprehensive and complete commercial cleaning services in Sydney and several other parts of Australia.

Our cleaning team is made up of expert cleaners who are extensively trained, highly experienced, and fully equipped to handle all-around and specialised cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation, regardless of the size and nature of your commercial premises.

With more than two decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we fully understand what it takes to keep a workspace clean, comfortable, and safe for everyone. Thus, we invest heavily in the continuous training of our cleaners to keep them up to date with the latest methods and health and safety regulations.


Our Services:

Looking for efficient and steadfast commercial cleaners in Sydney ?

Do you need an experienced commercial cleaning service in Sydney? Cleanworks’s cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation services can help.

We understand the importance of having a spotlessly clean, comfortable, and presentable workplace. In high-traffic areas like offices, commercial spaces, schools, daycare centres, etc., cleanliness and hygiene should be a focus on a daily basis to ensure the health and safety of everybody. This is what Cleanworks’s commercial cleaning services are all about.

For more than twenty years, we have been committed to delivering professional commercial and specialised cleaning services to various businesses and organisations across different industries.

We understand that different businesses, commercial buildings, and facilities have different cleaning needs. Thus, we offer a complete, comprehensive, and customisable cleaning service that addresses all these needs. Our cleaning solutions guarantee germ-free, virus-free, and pollutant-free workspaces, whatever the size, nature, or type of premises you want us to clean.

Our specialty cleaning services:

Changing the way you think about Commercial Cleaning

Our cleaners are extensively trained to clean anything, and everything.

Here at Cleanworks, we walk the talk. Combining expert and experienced cleaners, tested-and-proven, innovative and state-of-the-art cleaning methods, we guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth!

All of our cleaning services include an account manager who will oversee everything for you. Our special proprietary technology platform also ensures 24/7 support.


Why companies like yours choose Cleanworks

Cleanworks is an award-winning commercial cleaning company for businesses and education facilities throughout Australia. Our office cleaning Sydney team are professional cleaners who deliver sparkling results through consistently high-quality cleaning and excellent customer service with a work ethic that can’t be beaten. Our cleaning service in Sydney provides high-quality cleaning solutions to office environments, schools, worksites and more.

From carpet cleaning to window cleaning and everything in between, our commercial cleaning solutions are the result of a dedicated crew of cleaners who care about your space. Our commercial cleaners consistently work with experience, reliability, great customer service and high standards that you can trust. We are your one-stop shop where you will receive an affordable price and the benefits of an excellent job while sticking to your schedule. Whether you need professional cleaning services in the heart of Sydney city or within the outer suburbs – our premium Sydney cleaning crew can help.

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Quality Audits

We leave nothing to chance. Your Account Manager will conduct regular site inspections and report everything to our mobile app to ensure we continue to meet your expectations, long past our first clean. Quality Audits are emailed to you and your cleaners to assist in areas for improvement.

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Transparent Dealings

Cleanworks is committed to exercising proper attention, care, and diligence in an accountable and effective way. We ensure that you receive a service that matches your budget and expectations. This is why our clients always trust in our business and people.

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Consistent Staff

We appoint cleaners that are best suited to your facilities’ needs and ensure that they remain allocated to your contract every clean. With the industry's best staff retention rates, our customers love that they will have consistency in their cleaning services.

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Cleanworks recognises and rewards the amazing work that our team performs day in and day out. In addition to our ongoing training, we have built a culture of care and love for our cleaners, and this shows in their commitment and passion for the work they perform at our customer sites.

How are we environmentally responsible?

Here at Cleanworks, we practice what we preach.

Cleanworks is fully committed to caring for the environment. This is why we implement smart and sustainable cleaning methods to guarantee a clean and safe environment that doesn’t harm the earth.

We invest heavily in keeping our cleaners up to date with the latest green cleaning methods and innovative, highly-productive cleaning equipment with minimal electricity and water use, as well as 100% natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions to minimise our carbon footprint and use of resources in every clean.

Ready to Service

Our commercial cleaners are ready to service your site! Our commercial cleaning in Sydney provides superior results for our clients, backed by specialist cleaning teams who have a passion for getting the best results. Whether it’s a one-off job, a regular weekly office cleaning service, deep cleaning of an industrial site or servicing a national network, Cleanworks can help. Our commercial cleaning Sydney services cover the needs of our clients from complete floor cleaning, to 100-foot window cleaning, office cleaning and preventative maintenance.

Our top priorities are cleanliness, organisation and transparency around prices and flexibility of time to ultimately provide a positive experience for our customers. Our commercial cleaners in Sydney can service all areas of your office premises or commercial property and our team completes all cleaning tasks with quality and focus. Cleanworks’s commercial cleaning services work hard to be one of the best cleaning companies in Sydney and we are proud to bring our renowned cleaning solutions to our customers.


Our commercial cleaning, school cleaning services and office cleaning services are performed by a hand-selected team of professional cleaners who are experts and know how to meet the needs of your space. We will allocate cleaners to focus on any issue that you find in your business, office or company whether you’re looking for a deep clean in a hard to reach area, a clean touch on your new warehouse, once-off commercial cleaning, or regular, trustworthy and reliable office cleaners. We have the experts for you!

We guarantee transparency with quotes and will give you an honest estimate every time. We are dedicated to providing professional and honest cleaning in Sydney and around Australia, and we have cleaning professionals ready to service your workplace. With 300 cleaners Australia wide, we regularly provide cleaning to over 450 sites including offices, industrial sites, schools, media agencies, healthcare facilities, and more. Our goal is to tailor our cleaning to meet the needs and focus of each client while supplying fair and reasonable quotes, quick phone and email responses, strict quality control measures, and the constant pursuit of the latest technology and products. This is done to improve the outcomes and cost-savings for each company, office and client that we encounter.

Our commercial cleaning in Sydney is available anywhere in the Greater Sydney region, from the Sydney CBD to North Sydney, Castle Hill, Bellevue Hill and the Eastern Suburbs. We can work with businesses large and small to bring professional standards of cleanliness and cleaning solutions to the walls, floors, windows and more of your premises.

A clean working environment can improve the state of professionalism and experience for staff. We can be the service provider to keep your Sydney office and commercial residence clean, hygienic and professional, with reliability and fair prices. Our qualified, thoroughly checked and reliable cleaning team can work in your Sydney office or building to match the specific requirements of your site.

Warehouse buildings can get extremely dirty and are prone to dust and grime. High ceilings, huge floorplans, complicated shelving and constant activity can make the area difficult to keep clean. We specialise in warehouses and have the tools, experience and know-how to get the job done. A regular warehouse cleaning service will keep your workspace looking professional and organised, and can increase the standards of the space.

Our warehouse cleaning services in Sydney incorporate all the needs of your building from a small warehouse to a huge site, from simple tasks such as vacuuming and mopping to deep cleans with pressure cleaners, window cleaning and exit cleans.

We are an industry-leading Green Cleaning business. We combine the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products with waste reduction strategies to limit the eco-impact of your business without compromising on hygiene or presentation standards. We use specially formulated Smart Green Chemicals which are safe for humans and the environment yet strong on germs and disease-carrying bacteria. All of our green cleaning products are certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) without compromising on strength and integrity to get the job done to our strict cleaning standards.

Your floors experience the most demand and will often require a professional clean to maintain a state of integrity and reliability. Our commercial cleaning services extend to include your flooring no matter the finish or type. Our professionals can strip, reseal and work on your vinyl to repolish your flooring and provide a longer lifespan and further durability. Stripping and resealing floors should only be completed by an experienced and patient floor technician, and our commercial cleaning services include cleaners who are skilled and careful, providing the best result for your flooring.

Our cleaners can perform pressure cleaning on a range of flooring from concrete to tiles and pavers, polished or raw to bring shine, renewal, hygiene and long-lasting quality to your floor. We have the right tools and the right cleaners to get the job done and aren’t limited by size, shape or space, delivering the best result for your price range every time.

Additionally, we provide tile and grout cleans to get into those areas that a general mop and sweep can’t reach. Without this essential commercial cleaning service, the grout between your tiles will become discoloured. Our commercial cleaners in Sydney can work on any flooring to make it shine. With the right workers, the best cleaning products, the highest OH & S standards and a quote system that works with you, our Sydney commercial cleaning is the best choice for your flooring.

Our business aims to change the face of commercial cleaning and we pride ourselves on our cleaners, who make us the best choice for professional commercial cleaning in Sydney and beyond. We are always looking for cleaners who love and have a passion for commercial cleaning, and have a long-standing vow to treat our cleaners with the respect and value that they deserve.

Our people are the core pillar of our business and our cleaning services in Sydney couldn’t survive without their dedication and skill. From office cleaning services to wide-scale commercial cleaning, we have very little staff turn over and have experienced rave reviews from the cleaning industry as a whole. Our prices are competitive and our cleaners work hard – they are proud to work for the best commercial cleaning company in Sydney.

To apply to be the newest commercial cleaner to join our award-winning cleaning company, click here.

Yes, Cleanworks is triple ISO certified for Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management.

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