About Us


Cleanworks is a provider of ongoing, one-off and specialist commercial cleaning services to businesses Australia-wide. We currently engage 200 cleaners, regularly service over 300 sites, and perform in excess of 360,000 hours of cleaning each year. We primarily service offices, industrial sites, schools and aged care facilities, but also regularly cater to the needs of businesses and large organisations of all types.

Our goal is to deliver an exceptional standard of cleaning which is reliable, efficient and tailored to the exact needs of each client. We seek to excel by providing a service which is characterised by outstanding responsiveness and customer service, consistent and transparent quality control measures, and the ongoing pursuit of opportunities to further improve outcomes and deliver cost-savings to our clients.




We only use skilled, experienced cleaners which match the specific requirements of your site. Prior to commencing with Cleanworks, all prospective cleaners complete a thorough induction, undergo criminal history and referee checks, and are tested on their English-language proficiency. Following this candidates also undergo skills and assessment testing to ensure their practices align with Cleanworks’ quality and service standards. Our cleaners are uniformed, wear identification if required, and are only ever sent to your site if we are 100% satisfied that they have met all of the aforementioned criteria.


Our account managers are there for you as much, or as little, as you need. If you ever have a question, issue or emergency you can always access your account manager without the need to liaise through the cleaner (though we do encourage you to get to know your cleaners too). We will periodically check-in with you via phone and email to ensure everything is running to your satisfaction, and can be contacted directly whenever you require.


We refuse to accept substandard cleaning and expect our clients will do the same. Cleanworks uses a team of expert trainers to ensure new sites are cleaned to the agreed specifications from the very first night. We conduct regular audits of each site’s cleaning and document this information in performance reports which are provided to you, to ensure full transparency of our service standards. In addition to this, our cleaners are also audited on their individual performance to verify they are maintaining the high standard Cleanworks expects.


Cleanworks understands that many organisations have tight budgets, and specialises in strategically tailoring cleaning schedules to meet your site’s needs within such financial constraints. We never promise more than we can deliver, but often draw upon our years of experience to develop a unique approach which allows for the total hours of cleaning performed to be trimmed, while still meeting your compliance needs and maximising the visible impact of our service.


Cleanworks isn’t the sort of cleaning company which works hard to get your business then moves on to the next target the moment you sign a contract. Our hallmark is happy, long-term clients. We know that it takes a lot of work to get a site’s cleaning running like clockwork, and that even then, you can’t take your eye off the ball.

We expect to spend time auditing your site, assessing the performance of our cleaners, gathering your feedback and, if need be, troubleshooting and resolving any issues which arise. None of this is an unexpected inconvenience – it’s simply making good on the service you were promised upfront.


If you’re looking to improve the standard and consistency of your organisation’s cleaning then you should get in touch so that we can discuss a solution which is tailored to your unique challenges and requirements.

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