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Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

commercial pressure cleaning

We thrive under pressure

Has the exterior of your business been looking dingy?

Has mould and moss accumulated on the concrete floor of your car park and walkways? Are you tired of looking at the oil stains on your driveway? There is a quick and easy fix – pressure wash them all with Cleanworks!

Our extensively trained, highly experienced, and fully equipped expert cleaners can take care of all your exterior cleaning needs.
Whether it’s concrete, tiles or pavers, polished or raw, Cleanworks will show your floors and vertical surfaces who’s boss. We can help restore the appearance of car parks, resurrect dirty pathways, wash and renew building exteriors, flush out warehouse interiors, make reception areas pop, and bring dignity back to sullied common areas or any other space regardless of its size, height or access restrictions.

We can quickly and effectively remove algae, dirt, grime, mould, moss, sediments, weed, and other debris buildups anywhere in your commercial space.

Our services include:

Expert cleaners fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment

There is nothing Cleanworks cannot clean! Our cleaners, who are trained in cleaning different types of surfaces, use advanced top-of-the-line equipment effectively and safely.

We pride ourselves on having the best equipment for each job so that we’re able to deliver optimal results, without costing our clients any more than is absolutely necessary. Depending on your needs, we can use handheld equipment, walk-behind or ride-on pressure cleaners or scrubbers, or even truck-mounted pressure cleaners which we use in combination with a heavy-duty degreaser to treat oil marks and other heavy car park stains.

Our comprehensive, professional pressure cleaning services include high-pressure washing to blast away dirt, grime, and all kinds of stains, as well as gentle washing for delicate areas and surfaces, and biocide treatments for long-term algae removal. We also use special types of cleaning agents and equipment for pain stripping, oil and diesel stain removal, and degreasing on walkways at commercial and industrial sites.

We use earth-friendly, biodegradable, and safe chemicals.

Moreover, each member of our team has full public liability insurance and adheres to the appropriate safety and health standards.

Efficient, fast and safe cleaning

Different materials and surfaces require different cleaning solutions and pressure settings. While pressure washing is no rocket science, using powerful machines requires knowledge and skills to handle them safely and effectively. Using too little pressure can make the cleaning harder and  take longer than it should, while using too much pressure can cause damage to surfaces.

Here at Cleanworks, all our high-pressure cleaning services are effective and safe. Our cleaners use only the approved and appropriate pressure cleaning methods and equipment, and are fully equipped with safety gear to ensure no damage is done to your property.

Our experienced cleaners have seen and cleaned everything

With more than 20 years in the commercial cleaning service industry, our expert cleaners have seen and cleaned everything. There is nothing that will surprise or deter us from cleaning and removing unwanted debris and sediments from your property.

Professional pressure cleaning for all shapes and sizes

Whatever surface you want to get cleaned, we can handle it.

We have experience cleaning different surfaces from block paving, concrete, tarmac, tennis court surfaces, pools, tiles, slabs, walls, cladding, etc.
We handle one-off projects as well as periodical inspection, cleanup, and pressure cleaning services.

Why choose us

While you may have experience using a pressure washer, is it really worth your time? You play a huge role in running and growing your business, and your time will be better spent on that. We take pride in our competitive pricing and quick response times. Whether you are looking to reduce costs of maintenance for your property or improve service, we are here to help. Our friendly staff is trained in all our processes to produce a safe and satisfactory result.

With Cleanworks, you can count on the outcome you expected. We never promise more than we can deliver and guarantee every cleaning job we perform – if you aren’t satisfied, then we aren’t finished.

Looking to outsource cleaning for the first time or find a dependable, cost-effective solution? Connect with Cleanworks!

Cleanworks offers commercial cleaning services across BrisbaneGold CoastToowoombaSydneyNewcastle & Melbourne.

commercial pressure cleaning


The two terms are completely synonymous and used interchangeably to describe the process of using high-pressure water for cleaning.

Soft washing still involves the use of detergents and a pressure washer. But instead of setting the power washer to high pressure, the machine is set at lower pressure rinse setting to clean and kill algae, mildew, and mould, as well as effectively removing grimes on any surfaces.

Yearly power washing for most surfaces should suffice. However, this depends on the amount of abuse the surface goes through on a daily basis, the type of material used to build or create it, its current condition, etc.

Ideally, twice a year. This is to remove the dirt, grime, grease buildup, and seasonal elements before they start to cause any serious damage to the exterior of the building.

While that is entirely possible, it can be dangerous. Pressure washers are extremely powerful machines. When used incorrectly, they can damage the surface you want to clean or may cause serious harm to you, especially if you are not trained, experienced, or wearing proper protective gear.

Yes, absolutely! Not only can a pressure washer remove paint-based graffiti, but it also does so without damaging the surface.

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