First Quarterly Champion for 2021

Rose holding Cleanworks award

As part of Cleanworks Australia’s ongoing Reward & Recognition program, we are proud to announce another Quarterly Champion and our first for 2021.

A big congratulations to Rose Blake-Tangaroa who works tirelessly at Marist College, living and breathing the Cleanworks ENRICH Values and Behavours – Rose is highly respected by her peers and everyone at the school.

E – Rose does the cleaning hustle better than anyone – moves fast, is always thinking ahead and never wastes time. Rose’s energy is also a motivating influence to other team members. 

N No task is too big, too gross, too difficult or too inconvenient. Rose always gets the job done, no matter what.

R Rose is on first name basis with (seemingly) all staff at the school, and seems to have the respect of all. We take this to be a good sign that everyone feels respected by Rose. The interactions we see between Rose and the rest of the cleaning team are also very respectful.

II have never had the slightest concern regarding Rose’s integrity. Anything asked of her, she will accomplish. If there are issues, Rose will communicate them. We have full trust, as do her colleagues and the client.

C Rose works the day shift at Marist. As a result, Rose receives the most ‘special requests’ through the day, which Rose executes quickly and charmingly. The client loves her and quite literally raved on about her for 15 minutes during the last client quarterly review meeting.

H Tuesday is the hardest day at Marist, and she has to clean some very undesirable rooms on Tuesdays, but she still goes about her business and keeps on smiling.



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