5 Signs That You Need to Break Up With Your Cleaner

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Are your cleaners taking your relationship for granted?

When everything was new and exciting they put in the effort, but over time they’ve become lazy and frankly, they’ve let themselves and the standard of your cleaning go.

It tends to start small. One or two bins get missed, and the occasional surface looks a little dusty. Next thing you know, you can’t rely on things being cleaned properly unless you hound them about every little detail. Calls don’t get returned. You suspect they aren’t actually on-site cleaning when they say they are. They just don’t seem to care anymore.
Or maybe they are preying on your insecurity. Sometimes, especially if they know you’ve been hurt before, cleaners will treat you well but gouge you on prices because they figure you’re too scared to ever leave them.

Here are 5 signs that you need to break up with your cleaner

1. Deep down, you know that you settled.

They do an okay job, but it’s not great. You more or less get what you want. Sort of. Most of the time. With a bit of effort on your part. That’s probably good enough. I mean, what’s so special about you, that you deserve great service from your cleaners?

You shacked up with your current cleaners because they were the best option available at the time. In retrospect, perhaps that was a rushed decision, but they seemed better than what you’d had previously and at the end of the day, you most likely just needed to make a decision so that you could get on with more important things.

You wish that they were more responsive, and you wish that their attention to detail was better, but it’s such a well-worn routine that there’s not really any chance of it changing now. It’s time for you to get your groove back.

2. It’s like you don’t even know who they are now.

When things first started, you were told about the one or two dedicated cleaners who would know your site inside and out, but it’s just a distant memory now. The truth is that you have absolutely no idea how many different people actually turn up at your business to do the cleaning. There have definitely been a few, but who can really say?

Yes, a rotating cast of cleaning staff means that you’ll likely find yourself providing the same feedback on the little things which need to be adjusted again and again, but there are far bigger concerns that this turnover could belie. If the service is constantly switching up your site’s cleaners, do they really have adequate time to properly train and induct them, or are your keys simply being passed around to anyone with a sponge and some spare time? And what exactly is it about this cleaning service which is causing their workers to keep leaving? That alone should be enough to make you question whether they are the sort of business you want to be associated with.

3. The whole relationship was built on a lie.

We all try to big ourselves up and make a good impression at the beginning of a relationship, but sometimes little niggling issues like the truth and reality fall afoul of such bravado. Many a business has been left brokenhearted by cleaners offering prices that are too good to be true. They will clean your business for the price they offered, they just won’t clean it quite the way that you wanted it done. I guess you could call that a partial win?

Unfortunately, this relationship is fundamentally broken as there is no trust, and there never will be. They deliberately deceived you when they were engaged to do a particular job at a particular price, but had no intention of fully fulfilling their end of the arrangement. What’s more, they also clearly have no respect for you, as evidently, they thought you wouldn’t notice them shirking on the tasks and standards they were engaged to uphold.

You could try paying them more. You could attempt to renegotiate the terms. You could get angry and argue with them about the state of your cleaning each week. But this relationship will never come good because you cannot trust them and they do not respect you.

4. You just don’t talk anymore.

Communication is critical to all relationships, but especially to those involving a business arrangement. Do you ever hear from your cleaning service, or do you just get a monthly invoice? Do they ask you about what you want and what makes you happy, or is it always up to you to instigate contact (likely to raise concerns that are defensively swatted away)?

We’re not saying that you want your cleaning service constantly calling to woo your affection, but they should be open, consistent – and most importantly – accessible when you need them. If they aren’t reporting on their performance, proactively offering improvements, and clearly eager to engage with you, then they are dead weight in your relationship and you should think about moving on.

5. You’re being taken for granted.

This is probably the saddest situation to find yourself in. It could’ve been good – in fact, it used to be good, but as time marched on your cleaners lost their zeal and are now just going through the motions, rather than earnestly doing their best to fulfill your needs. You’ve got history and you’ve also got reason to believe that they could do the job if only they snapped out of this slump, but are you really just going to sit around and wait for it to happen?

If they don’t listen, if they cut corners, if they don’t provide what you want when you want it, then you should find a better service. Maybe they were great once, but if they’re mediocre today, the quality of their performance tomorrow is a gamble at best.


Whether you’ve been burned or gradually disappointed by a cleaning service, are looking to see if you can find a better provider, or are considering hiring an external cleaner for the first time, Cleanworks is here to talk (and listen). We believe in creating mutually-beneficial relationships, not making quick sales, and moving on.

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