What to Expect from Your Commercial Cleaning Company

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There are many different reasons why people choose to hire a commercial cleaning company. Whether they are just too busy to manage the demands of a cleaning schedule, they want to take the load off their staff or just want to make sure it’s done properly – bringing a commercial cleaning crew on board can be a total game-changer for busy teams.

Whether you’re looking for a cleaner for the first time or to engage with a different cleaning company, knowing what to look for can be daunting. Not everyone has the inherent knowledge of what to expect and how to decide what makes a commercial cleaning company worth it. We have whittled it down to seven of the most important things to consider when searching for your next commercial cleaner. These include:

  1. The kind of services you need

Not all commercial cleaners do the same type of work or cover every basis you will need. Knowing what your space needs and what guidelines are set out for your business type will be a great starting point. Some offices need simple dusting, trash collection and desk tidying, whereas other commercial spaces need regular deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. No matter how you plan to use a cleaner, make sure the one you’re hiring has all the latest equipment and tools needed for your job.

  1. Your standards of work

Most people hire cleaners because they expect a certain standard or need an overhaul on the cleanliness of their space. Knowing from the get-go what kind of cleaning standard you need and expect will help to set a precedence for your future commercial cleaner. Additionally, having standard expectations clear will help all parties involved and will ultimately save both time and money in the long run.

  1. Their experience and management systems

Experience is key when it comes to hiring any kind of service, and commercial cleaning is no exception. Online reviews are one of the best sources to find out how the company treats their customers, performs its duties and lives up to expectations. Each of our clients at Cleanworks gets their very own Account Manager who knows their client’s cleaning needs and provides constant and clear communication. Your commercial cleaner should have a system in place to maintain accountability, ensure consistent quality and keep track of tasks.

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  1. What equipment do they use

Most good cleaning companies will have a fully stocked caddy of the latest cleaning supplies along with the best machinery such as carpet cleaning vacuums. Your company should be able to tell you what is in their products, especially if you or your staff are prone to allergies. We bring a complete range of the best products, including green products, to each of our cleans.

  1. Do they suit your schedule?

When scouring reviews for your potential cleaners, examine their track record of sticking to schedule and meeting deadlines. Nothing is more frustrating than a cleaner who doesn’t show up or is late, and it can often throw off the whole routine of the office or workspace. Ideally, your cleaning company should be flexible to find a regular time that suits the flow of your workplace and accommodates your schedule.

  1. Are they communicative?

It is incredibly important that your cleaning company keeps the lines of communication open. This will ensure you can communicate your needs clearly and they can react promptly. Should you have any concerns with the cleaning standards or have any requests for your next clean, your cleaning company must be receptive and open to your ideas.

  1. Consistency and credibility

Credibility can only come through a genuine passion for consistent hard work and good service. It is simple to determine a company’s credibility through online reviews, their verifications and certificates, and even demonstrations of their work. Consistent administration and communication are even more important than consistent cleans, and you should be able to determine whether a company thrives in this area right from the first point of contact.

Hire the experts…

When it comes to commercial cleaning, especially in recent times with the pandemic, most people want to rest assured that the work is being completed by experts. At Cleanworks, we believe that great service takes great people, and that professional cleaning comes from experience. With a hand-selected crew of experts and a team of dedicated account managers, we can meet all your commercial cleaning needs with professionalism, consistency and the best equipment.

Companies just like yours have been choosing Cleanworks for their commercial cleaning needs for years thanks to our quality control, transparent dealings, consistent staff and positive culture. To get in touch with our team to service your site, get in touch today.


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