Simple School Cleaning Methods to Nurture Gym Floors

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September 16, 2015
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Simple School Cleaning Methods to Nurture Gym Floors

Schools require physical education subjects to enhance knowledge, values, and skills in healthy living habits. School gymnasiums are venues for indoor sport activities and competitions. They also serve as function and assembly halls. Various activities contribute to dirts and germs in the gym. Daily school cleaning tasks prevent bacteria spread and maintain gym facilities in good condition.

The gym floor accumulates different types of dirt. A typical gym has hard wood floors. Sport activities leave dirty smudges from shoes and perspiration. Many schools employ commercial cleaning specialists to clean all floor surfaces and retain its polished look. Cleaning hard wood floor is a simple task. Many cleaners use mops and mild detergents to wash floors. Strong cleaning agents can damage the wood finish. Several commercial cleaning service companies recommend neutral wood floor cleaners to intensively remove sweat, food, or liquid residues. Although mopping is a cost-efficient method, automatic scrubbers are quicker and more effective in cleaning large gyms. Automatic scrubbers also dry floors faster. While some cleaners use brooms to sweep dust, microfibre mops are more useful in absorbing dust.

Other sport equipment may be placed on the gym floor. Constant pushing and moving of these items can damage the floor finish. Rubber mats are placed below different equipment to prevent floor damage. Rubber mats also provide soft floor coverings for athletes like gymnasts. Sweat and dirt residues make these mats sticky and smelly. Bacteria and fungi potentially breed in rubber mats. Fresh-scented and mild commercial cleaning disinfectants help sanitise rubber mats. Disinfectants are diluted in water and brushed over major stains. Mops are also used to wash the entire surface. Dry air removes excess moisture on the mats.

Hitting the school gym is the best place to workout and strengthen a student’s body. Clean and sanitised floors will inspire them to engage in different sport activities. Since many students constantly use the gym, expert school cleaning techniques should be practised to provide a cleaner and healthier sport facility centre.

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